Salushow - transmisja optyczna bez tajemnic
9 - 10 October           Dubai, UAE




Bridging Borders, Empowering Lives: Expanding Global Access in Cross-Border Payments.

About the IAMTN Annual Summit 

The payments industry's most prestigious event.

The International Association of Money Transfer Networks (IAMTN) cordially invites payment professionals worldwide to participate in insightful discussions at the IAMTN Annual Summit, scheduled for October 9th and 10th in Dubai, UAE.

This summit will bring together financial services and fintech trailblazers from around the world to engage in thought-provoking discussions outlined in our meticulously crafted two-day agenda. The event will delve into regional trends in remittance digitalization and explore groundbreaking innovations influencing cross-border payments. The Annual Summit promises enriching dialogues on these topics and more, fostering valuable connections among industry stakeholders. Join us for an exploration of dynamic advancements in our ever-evolving industry.

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Elevate your brand's prominence

Elevate your brand's prominence by sponsoring the IAMTN Annual Summit 2024 in Dubai - where global leaders converge for transformative discussions and unparalleled.

C-Level Delegates
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Cutting-Edge Insights

Engage with original content that delves into the most crucial topics shaping the future of the cross-border payments sector. Our carefully curated discussions promise to provide unique and invaluable perspectives.

Unrivaled Networking

Forge meaningful connections with the industry's most promising startups, entrepreneurs, and innovators. The access you'll gain at this event is unparalleled and offers a distinctive opportunity to build relationships with key players in the field.

Trendspotting Extravaganza

Stay ahead of the curve by exploring innovative concepts that span digital remittances, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, big data, blockchain technology, and cryptocurrencies. This event is your gateway to staying informed about the latest trends driving the industry forward. Don't miss out on this must-attend experience!

Visit Dubai

Spend some days in Dubai, the leading financial centre in the Middle East, a city renowned not only for its payments landscape but also for its sights.

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Elevate your brand and showcase your success by becoming a part of IAMTN Summit 2024. This event provides a unique platform for you and your business to share compelling success stories.

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Unleash the potential of strategic partnerships by exploring our various sponsorship opportunities. Elevate your brand visibility, connect with industry leaders, and leave a lasting impact on a global stage. Submit your information here.

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Share your insights and ideas by engaging in thought-provoking discussions. If you're keen on participating in a dialogue, please provide your contact information along with the specific topic you wish to discuss here. Let's shape the future of cross-border payments together!

SaluShow for Partners

Agenda szkolenia dla integratorów

Zapraszamy na prelekcje i warsztaty. A w przerwach pyszna kawa i pożywny lunch.

Rejestracja uczestników, powitalna kawa
Program Partnerski Salumanus
  • dlaczego Salumanus?
  • benefity i zobowiązania
  • skuteczne prowadzenie projektów
Platforma Salumanus Plus
  • po co nam sklep dla partnerów?
  • od problemu do zakupu - wszystko w jednym miejscu
  • nie tylko sklep - opcje dla inżynierów
Przerwa Kawowa
Uniwersalny moduł optyczny w połączeniu z SRD 5.0 i Salucloud
  • idea Uniwersalnego Modułu Optycznego
  • SRD 5.0 - Smart Recode Device
  • usługi SaluCloud jako centrum zarządzania modułami optycznymi
  • korzyści płynące ze stosowania
Jak generować i realizować projekty na systemy transmisyjne?

Dlaczego warto rozmawiać o systemach transmisyjnych?

  • dla kogo są systemy transmisyjne?
  • korzyści dla klienta końcowego oraz integratora
  • transmisja optyczna w cyferkach - ile kosztują usługi na rynku
  • jak działa Salumanus - podejście projektowe
  • gdzie znajdują się systemy transmisyjne - „5 MUST HAVE” dla sektorów

Technologia IP-over-DWDM jako trend zmieniający sieci optyczne

  • rozwiązania IPoDWDM i OTN
  • oszczędności sięgające 70%! Policzmy to razem
  • jedno włókno czy dwa włókna optyczne?
  • pasywne systemy zwielokrotnienia - rozwiązania szyte na miarę
  • wszystko co potrzebujesz mieści się w 1U - muxponder 200G
  • komfort płynący z posiadania systemu (OTN)
  • kaskadowa budowa systemu - rozbudowa systemu jak klocki LEGO
Przerwa Kawowa
12:15- 14:00
Warsztaty technologiczne
  • GBC Photonics IPoDWDM - warstwa IP bezpośrednio do technologii DWDM:

- wielokanałowy system transmisji DWDM

- rozwiązanie cost effective pod każdym kątem

  • PacketLight OTN - pełne możliwości muxponder Optical Transport Network:

- agregacja usług Ethernet i Fibre Channel na warstwie pierwszej wielokanałowy system transmisji DWDM

- zabezpieczenia transmisji na warstwie pierwszej (Encryption L1)

- system uniwersalny i skalowalny, w pełni zarządzany z poziomu WebGUI i z możliwością szyfrowania usług

Kahoot z nagrodami


Welcome to the International Association of Money Transfer Networks (IAMTN), a distinguished not-for-profit membership organisation serving as the global voice of the cross-border payments industry. Since our establishment in 2005, IAMTN has played a pivotal role in uniting diverse entities within the sector, including banks, payment institutions, electronic money organisations, and mobile operators.

Our Mission:

IAMTN is committed to providing a collaborative platform for industry partners to address common challenges, foster innovative initiatives, and cultivate new opportunities. Through our collective efforts, we aim to shape the landscape of cross-border payments, ensuring they are effective, safe, reliable, and efficient for migrants worldwide.

Collaboration Beyond Boundaries:

IAMTN believes in the power of collaboration. We work closely with governments, regulators, and vital stakeholders such as the FATF, FSB, World Bank, International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), UNCDF, Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, UK Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office, and the African Union. Together, we champion the creation of robust payment systems and mechanisms that empower migrants globally.

Join IAMTN in our mission to build a future where cross-border payments seamlessly connect individuals and communities, fostering economic growth and prosperity worldwide.

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Speakers and Agenda will be revealed shortly.