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Niger Transfert d' Argent SA
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Central Africa
The Middle East and North Africa
West Africa
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Niger Transfert d' Argent SA


NIGER MONEY TRANSFER (NITA) is a company governed by Nigerien law with a board of directors and a share capital of 5,000,000,000 FCFA. It is licensed as a financial institution with banking characteristics in the Republic of Niger by decree of July 26, 2018. It is registered on the list of financial institutions with banking characteristics of the WAMU under the number "H 0209 J".

Founded in 2017, Niger Transfert d'Argent is a financial services company specializing in fast and secure money transfers. Based in Niger, NITA enable its customer to send and receive money internationally with ease and confidence, supporting families, friends, and businesses in their growth and prosperity.NITA operates a cash pickup model through its dedicated counters, which exceed 2,000 in number, and also offers an electronic wallet service.