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The Groupement Interbancaire et Monétique de l'Afrique Centrale (GIMAC) is an economic interest grouping whose statutory members are the Bank of Central African states, national treasuries and credit institutions in the CEMAC zone. Postal administrations, financial institutions, microfinance institutions, payment institutions and money transfer companies can also join on request. Fintechs can also become Participants in the GIMACPAY ecosystem as value-added service Aggregators.

GIMAC's mission is to popularise Integral Electronic Banking, improve the bank penetration rate, promote financial inclusion through prepaid and mobile products, and lower transaction costs with a view to making this means of payment accessible to people on low incomes.

GIMAC has implemented GIMACPAY, a convergent card, mobile and money transfer ecosystem within which all electronic payment systems and methods in CEMAC are federated. The GIMACPAY ecosystem makes interoperable services available to the people of CEMAC.