Remittance Service Provider
Legal Name
Ample Transfers
Founded Date
Operating Regions
South Asia

Ample Transfers


Ample Transfers is a bootstrapped 25-year-old cross-border payments firm based in Singapore, and has been awarded a classification of Major Payment Institution by the Monetary Authority of Singapore under the Payment Services Act.

Backed by a strong risk governance framework, Ample Transfers has been licensed to provide money transfer services for over twenty years. With these decades of proven payments expertise, Ample Transfers continues to move forward in this industry by being first movers at moving money.Ample Transfers endeavours to marry new technology to augment their strong legacy of connections and industry experience, and has since utilised distributed ledger technology and ISO20022 standards to improve efficiencies in conducting cross border payments, bringing about the modernisation of its traditional remittance business origin

.Ample Transfers' latest innovations include payment processing, CBDC pilots, and Fintech SaaS provision, setting up an innovation lab to further its investments into emerging payment technology.