April 8, 2024

IAMTN Welcomes dLocal as a Member


The International Association of Money Transfer Networks (IAMTN) proudly announces dLocal as its newest member

Hailing from Uruguay, dLocal embarked on its journey with a singular objective—to bridge the payment innovation gap between global enterprise companies and customers in emerging economies. Specializing in powering local payments in emerging markets, dLocal serves as a vital link connecting global enterprise merchants with billions of consumers across more than 40 countries in Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

Through its innovative "One dLocal" platform, which encompasses a singular direct API, a unified platform, and a streamlined contract process, global companies can seamlessly accept payments, initiate pay-outs, and settle funds on a global scale. This eliminates the need to manage disparate pay-in and pay-out processors, establish numerous local entities, or integrate multiple acquirers and payment methods in each market.

'' We extend a warm welcome to dLocal as our newest member of IAMTN. Their commitment to simplifying international payments and fostering financial inclusion resonates deeply with our mission. Together, we look forward to driving positive change and empowering communities across the globe." - Veronica Studsgaard, IAMTN

‘’For dLocal, joining IAMTN is another step towards solidifying our long term commitment to make payments for International Money Transfer Organizations as straightforward as possible.

 Through collaboration with fellow members and IAMTN, dLocal will continue building instant payment rails for emerging markets that are more affordable, accessible, and simple. We look forward to working together to create a more inclusive global remittance landscape.’’-  Agustin Cerisola, General Manager Africa, Asia & Global Remittances at dLocal

About dLocal:

dLocal powers local payments in high-growth markets, connecting global enterprise merchants with billions of high-growth market consumers across Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Through the "One dLocal" concept (one direct API, one platform, and one contract), global companies can accept payments, send payouts, and settle funds globally without the need to manage separate pay-in and pay-out processors, set up numerous local entities, and integrate multiple acquirers and payment methods in each market.

For more information, visit https://dlocal.com.

About IAMTN:

Established in 2005 by Veronica Studsgaard, the International Association of Money Transfer Networks (IAMTN) stands as the premier non-profit membership organisation representing payment service providers on a global scale. Our primary objective is to foster collaboration between the public and private sectors to advance industry unity.
Working closely with our members and partners, we advocate for the development of cost-effective, secure, inclusive, and transparent payment infrastructures for migrants worldwide. Despite the pivotal role global payments play in economies and individuals' livelihoods, the current systems often lack simplicity. We firmly believe in fostering partnerships among public and private entities to streamline processes for the ultimate benefit of end-users.

To learn more about IAMTN: Please visit www.iamtn.org