Celebrating the contribution of international workers

We are proud to pledge our support to the IDFR, as we have done each year since its inauguration, to encourage the public and private sectors to collaborate and work together to maximise the impact of remittance funds in the developing world. 

Through IAMTN, over 100 money transfer operators (MTOs) backed the IDFR last year. We are again calling on all of the key players in the global remittance industry to join our endorsement of IDFR 2019.

IDFR is a celebration of the hard work, sacrifice and generosity of international workers. As stakeholders in the remittance industry, we will work together closely to make remittances faster, cheaper and more accessible, fuelling financial inclusion and ensuring the money has the greatest possible impact on the lives of the poorest. It’s crucial that the world’s governments, regulators and financial institutions do everything in their power to help us achieve this mission.

What IDFR means for our members?

Xpress Money

"Migrant workers across the world are estimated to have moved money worth $689 billion as of 2018 alone and remittances easily classify as one of the most potent financial ecosystems of the modern age. Their commitment to their families and continued contribution to the development of their countries of origin is reflected in the burgeoning remittance flows year after year.

On this International Day of Family Remittances we salute the indomitable spirit of the millions of migrants who ventured into the unknown to fuel the dreams of their families. Today we celebrate their perseverance; their selflessness; their daredevilry and gumption to transform the lives of their loved ones – one remittance transaction at a time!"

Sudhesh Giriyan, CEO at Xpress Money

UPT Money Transfer




"This day helps to create awareness about how remittances are important for countries economy. Remittances done by migrants to their countries are not only helping their families also supporting their countries economy."

Murat Kastan, EVP at UPT Money Transfer



"IDFR is such an important day to honour migrant workers” said Steve Vickers, CEO of Thunes. “International workers work tirelessly to send remittances home to family members and we take pride in doing our part to contribute to financial inclusion by offering a more convenient payments network for emerging markets. Raising global awareness about this day is key to the continued development and efforts of the payment industry in supporting the workers and their communities back home."

Steve Vickers, CEO at Thunes

Ria Money Transfer

"According to the International Labour Organization, 164 million migrant workers find ways to thrive even when the odds are stacked against them every day. They overcome language barriers, culture shock, discrimination and uncertainty, all while being far away from their families. Still, they find the strength to rise above in order to support their loved ones back home. At Ria, we honor their tireless efforts by making the process of sending money as accessible, safe and effective as possible. Our mission is to foster financial inclusion and contribute to the socio-economic growth of our customers and their communities, a vow we renew this International Day of Family Remittances."

Ria Money Transfer

Some of the companies supporting IDFR


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