IAMTN is calling on all key players of the Remittance Industry to join our endorsement of the “International Day of Family Remittances”

The International Day of Family Remittances was unanimously proclaimed by all 176 IFAD Member States during its Governing Council in February 2015, and submitted to the United Nations General Assembly for formal endorsement in 2016. On 13th May 2018, UN General Assembly adopted a resolution which endorses the International Day.The resolution highlights that remittances play a key role in sustainable development.


16th June is officially designated as International Day of Family Remittances. The day aims to recognise, and raise global awareness of, the fundamental contribution made by migrant workers to the wellbeing of their families and communities back home, and to the sustainable development of their countries of origin.

On this day, IAMTN joins in recognising and raising global awareness of the fundamental contribution made by migrant workers through remittances to the wellbeing of their families and communities back home, and to the continued development of their countries of origin.

Happy International Day of Family Remittances!


Letter to President of the United Nations General Assembly


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Call to Action 

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What IDFR means for our members?

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At Small World, we would like to take this opportunity to sincerely recognise the tremendous efforts of migrant workers, by wholeheartedly supporting IDFR.

Small World Money Transfer


”Migrant workers are some of the most entrepreneurial and hard-working people in the world. Their contribution to the global economy in both the public and private sector is vast and under-appreciated. Azimo is pleased to offer a fee-free transfer on the International Day of Family Remittances to anybody sending money to their loved ones.”

Richard Ambrose, CEO at Azimo


“Nearly 5 million migrants reside in Turkey. As UPT, we know hard how it is to work in a foreign environment and also support families in back home. In this respect we are providing the best service and smoothest customer experience. As Upt, we consider ourselves lucky that our profession allows us to enable customers to remit money to both support economies of their families and home countries. IDFR gives a great opportunity to create awareness and state the importance of remittances. Home countries and the migrants collaborate within the concept of “Mutual Benefit”. Migrants contribute to both economies of home countries and the migrated countries. In general, while the developing countries are gaining positive cash flow, the workforce of comparatively developed countries are operating actively. Thousands of families around the World rely on the remittances which we are more than happy to conduct. As UPT, we are proud and honored to see this day as a fruit of hard work and cooperation among people, businesses and countries. Finally, we would like to express our gratitude to IAMTN for giving us the opportunity to celebrate and exchange feelings and ideas on this day.”

UPT Money Transfer


"DeeMoney (Sawasdee Shop) has been helping migrant workers reach their families for over 20 years, first with international calling cards that allowed them to communicate with their loved ones and now with affordable money transfers to support them back home. Migrant workers around the world have lifted millions of families out of poverty. They are the unsung heroes of the modern economy and we are proud to be able to do our part to help them."

Rasmegh Srisethi, Chief Enabling Officer  at deemoney


IDFR is the day of honouring and recognising the fundamental efforts and contributions of migrant workers. In an effort to support migrant workers during the pandemic and unprecedented situation around the world, Thunes takes pride in offering a payments network for emerging markets to contribute to the financial inclusion of millions. Our Mission is to help businesses and their customers around the world participate in the global economy, by providing them fast and affordable cross-border payments. Join us as we support International Day of Family Remittance and celebrate their hard work and sacrifice for their family and communities back .


MFS Africa

The World Bank’s projection that global remittances will decline by as much as 23 percent this year, brings into focus the often neglected contribution of remittances in safeguarding the livelihoods of millions of households across the African continent and emerging markets more broadly. We care about the Rwandan diaspora that is in Kenya and Uganda and South Africa as much as the Rwandan diaspora in Montreal and London. We hope that the Covid-19 crisis will push us all to engage more deeply with policymakers so they can help us build an efficient, harmonised and low-cost payments environment to support the diaspora within the continent and across the globe. 

Dare Okoudjou, CEO  at MFS Africa


Marking the importance of International Day of Family Remittances 2020, Merchantrade has selected this day to launch the first ever Covid-19 related illness insurance coverage for migrants in Malaysia with a premium is as low as RM 1 and underwritten by MCIS Insurance Berhad, a member of the SanLam Group. With such initiatives we hope to raise the global awareness on how important it is and how a remittance provider is able to assist to protect the income and livelihood of the various migrant communities especially during this global pandemic situation.

Merchantrade Asia Sdn Bhd


"Every year, billions of euros are sent by more than 270 million immigrants to their countries of origin. Millions of heroes who leave their homes in search of a better future not only for themselves, but also for their families. Heroes who with their remittances cover the basic needs of their families, help with the education of siblings, children and nephews and give the economic means for them to access health services or even provide that little push to set up local businesses in their countries of origin. And, of course, they are the main source of aid in periods of economic, climatic or health crises in their countries of origin. So much so, that by 2018 the amount of money sent by immigrants around the world was three times the amount of resources allocated to official development assistance. A figure that is estimated to support more than 800 million people. Today, on the International Day of Family Remittances, Moneytrans wants to put the spotlight on those real heroes who improve lives around the world with their financial contribution and thank them by offering a fee-free transfer to enjoy whenever they want. Today and always, Moneytrans will proudly support them." #ThankYouHeroes

Jeremy De Smet CEO at Moneytrans


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