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Over 750 Financial Institutions globally, including 11 of the top 50 banks, rely on EastNets solutions.
EastNets® is a leading global provider of compliance and payment solutions for the financial services sector. Over the past 35 years, EastNets® has established it’s distinctive expertise developing and implementing standardized and individual solutions for the fight against financial crimes, as well as those for risk management, monitoring, analysis, reporting, and state-of-the-art consultancy and customer support.

EastNets® also specializes in end-to-end payment solutions which allow financial institutions to transform payment challenges into opportunities and enable them to operate more efficiently and cost-effectively. Over 750 customers, including some of the largest international financial institutions, rely on EastNets® solutions and professional services, and over 270 corporate and financial institutions rely on EastNets® for outsourced SWIFT connectivity and compliance software solutions made available as a service through its fully managed service bureaus. 

EastNets® is a global company with regional offices in major cities, supported by an extensive network of global strategic partners.

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